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Nella Cutlery has established itself as a premier sales and services company for all types of food machinery. Nella Cutlery also manufactures its own brand of cutlery and knife sharpening machinery, which are used by many other knife rental companies throughout North America and Europe.

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Vollrath Induction Cooker

Vollrath Induction Cooker

Model: 59510

Spec Sheet

The ultra-low profile, portable countertop induction range is designed for use in light to medium duty front-of-the-house cooking. Models 59500 and 59510 will
plug into standard 15A outlets which are readily available in most restaurants and kitchens. The induction range comes complete with a 6-ft. (183 cm) power cord and plug. The case frame is made from heavy-duty, 18-gauge stainless steel with a ceramic top. The ceramic top is easily cleaned with a mild cleaner.

The induction ranges are equipped with a variety of safety features including:
• Over-heat protection
• Small-article detection
• Pan auto-detection function
• Empty-pan shut-off
• Safety auto-shut-off function

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