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Nella Cutlery has established itself as a premier sales and services company for all types of food machinery. Nella Cutlery also manufactures its own brand of cutlery and knife sharpening machinery, which are used by many other knife rental companies throughout North America and Europe.

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Tri-Star Burner

Tri-Star Burner

Model: TSHP-2-24

Spec Sheet

TSI provides as standard many of the optional upgrades normally offered at a premium on other Hot Plate lines. TSI Features a stainless steel front, sides and landing ledge.

Models ranging from one to ten open burners are available. The lift-off burner heads simplify cleaning and the 35,000 or 40,000 BTU/hr. burner output provides high perfomance cooking. The heavy duty cast iron grates are designed in 12″ x 12″ sections to be removed easily and safely. For quick clean-ups, a full width, removable drip pan is standard on all Hot Plate models.

Constructed for durability, TSI Hot Plates are made of heavy gauge steel with an angle iron chassis. The sides have inside liners for better insulation and increased strength. The front landing ledge of the Hot Plate series is designed to match all TSI counter model units.

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