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Nella Cutlery has established itself as a premier sales and services company for all types of food machinery. Nella Cutlery also manufactures its own brand of cutlery and knife sharpening machinery, which are used by many other knife rental companies throughout North America and Europe.

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APW Wyott Warmer

APW Wyott Warmer

Model: W-3V

Spec Sheet

Designed Smart.
• The W-3V has an unique “serpentine shaped” heating element that evenly distributes heat throughout the unit.
• Effectively keeps hot foods, soups and sauces at consisent levels above 140 degrees.
• Provided with insulation to protect interior parts and countertops from heat build-up.
• Unit is designed to be used with water, but will not be damaged if it runs dry.
• Steel reflection plate directs heat to pan.

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