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Nella Cutlery has established itself as a premier sales and services company for all types of food machinery. Nella Cutlery also manufactures its own brand of cutlery and knife sharpening machinery, which are used by many other knife rental companies throughout North America and Europe.

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Frymaster Fryer

Frymaster Fryer

Model: Frymaster MJ35

Spec Sheet

Specifically designed for high-volume and controller performance.

The MJ35 has a 40-Ib. (20 liter*) oil capacity. The frying area is 12″ x 15″ (30.5 x 38.1 cm). This 110,000 Btu/hr. (27,700 kcal) (32.2 kw) model is specifically designed for all-purpose frying and produces 57 lbs. of French fries per hour — frozen to done. The exclusive 1o action thermostat anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot, extending oil life and producing a more uniformly-cooked product. Centerline thermostat mounting permits quick sensing (7-10 seconds) of cold food placed in either basket. The open frypot has a large heat transfer area to fry more product per load. Every inch of the frypot and cold zone can be cleaned and wiped down by hand. The standard front flush feature deflects oil out around the pot, moving sediment to the front drain valve for easy and thorough removal. Built-in filtration is available with up to six fryers batteried together into a single system, or with a single MJ35 fryer and a spreader cabinet. The spreader can include an optional heat lamp and holding station. The holding station can use either cafeteria-style or scoop-type pan. The heat lamp and pans are integrated into the cabinet, making a complete warming station. *Liter conversions are for solid shortening @70°F.

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